Dog Training Advice

Dog training is a process in which the dog is made to learn to obey the various commands made by his master. These commands may range from saying 'sit' to make the dog sit, to saying 'go' to make the dog chase some intruder.

The most important dog training advice any individual can give you, is to train them while they are young. Like kids, puppies are impressionable at the young age. Therefore, teaching them at this age will make sure that they learn fast and, more importantly, don't develop any bad habits.

Obedience training ensures that your dog grows up to be well behaved, and adjust to any situation. Lack of obedience in dogs can result in unnecessary aggressive behavior. Although professional dog trainers can train your dog for you, it's ideal for you as the owner of the dog, to train the dog yourself. This will help in building a good rapport between you and your pet. One of the most important aspect of this is timing, when the dog makes a mistake, make it a point to correct him at that very point of time. This will make the dog relate between the mistake and your attitude.

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Avoid punishing the dog physically when he indulges in some undesired dog behavior. Studies reveal that, harsh punishments induced on the dogs end up making them more aggressive and live in constant fear, thus making it difficult for them to relate with the master. You can use more lenient means such as not paying any attention to them when they do some undesired act. Dogs crave for attention, and therefore when you ignore them in order to punish them, they will be able to associate the undesired act and the punishment, and avoid doing the mistake again.

Not many dogs like being leashed, and hence it can be very difficult to leash your. But leashing on the other hand makes dog training easier as there is less distraction. To make your dog get accustomed to leash, you should try and make the dog associate leash with some pleasant activity or thing. Placing the collar and leash on the dogs, while they are having food, makes them associate leash with food, or placing it while you take them out for a stroll makes them relate it to a pleasant outing.

Last, but one of the most important dog training advice is to be patient with your dogs. Like humans, even dogs differ in behavior and grasping speed. Some pet dogs may learn in a week, while some may take a whole month or more. This is where your patience will come into picture. If you want your dog to be well disciplined, you will have to inculcate some discipline as well as patience in yourself. Even if it takes a week or few months, understand that your dog is taking one step towards perfection, with each passing day. Being patient will surely yield good results in the end.