K9 Dog Training Club Review

The K9 Dog Training Club is a complete package of dog training resources that we highly recommend. Covering a variety of topics including puppy training and clicker training, the K9 Dog Training Club is brought to you by Dana Gallagher who is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer. With DVDs, free resources and a members’ area, the K9 Dog Training Club is ideal for anyone looking to train their dog from home - without spending a fortune.

Dana herself has 5 dogs (4 of which were adopted) and spends most of her time taking part in dog sports such as agility, rally obedience and even musical freestyle. Her passion for dogs is evident on her website and you can bet she knows what’s best for your furry friend.

The sales pages for her products are quite compelling and there are certainly a good amount of testimonials that prove the products are worth their salt. If you’re looking to train your dog but can’t afford the traditional dog training programs available then Dana’s products are definitely your best option.

Perhaps your dog is only slightly misbehaved, but things like jumping on guests, barking at cars, chasing things and generally being a naughty pooch can really add up and before you know it you can have an uncontrollable dog that’s an embarrassment.

Dog training solutions like this one can work wonders for behaviour problems. Dana’s Perfect Pooch Train At Home System is one of the best dog training programs we’ve seen – it covers every topic and comes straight from an award winning Certified Dog Trainer – you can’t ask for more than that. What makes this package even better is that it’s only $47, which makes it the most affordable complete dog training solution we’ve managed to find online.

Dog training is a complex subject and a lot of the products we see don’t cover everything that’s required to get your dog to a complete obedience level.

If you’re looking for the complete package then Dana Gallagher’s K9 Dog Training Club is definitely the best option out there. You will easily learn all there is to dog training and enjoy your journey while you train your dog towards being a “perfect pooch”. It doesn’t require any experience and you are also covered by a 60 money back guarantee on all her products – it really is the most suitable option if you’re struggling to find affordable ways to train your dog from home.