Designer Dog Beds Buying Tips

If you were able to watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua the movie then you are not a stranger to dogs living the good life. The leading dog character in the movie may be living an ultra-luxurious life but this is not far from reality especially for those who have the money to spend for dog luxuries. However, you need not spend much to pamper your pet because dogs would be contented living with affordable designer dog beds.

Dogs are like humans who need someplace to relax and just laze around. And just like humans dogs also have their own preferences when it comes to their sleeping habits. You can expect a wide variety of dog bed types to match not only your dog's sleeping preferences but also your home decor.

Dog sleeping preferences

Before you even take a look at designer dog beds make sure you know what kind of a sleeper your dog is. Is your dog a burrower, a curler, a sprawler or a leaner? The type bed you choose should match the sleeping position your dog prefers to maximize the dog bed use.

There are different types of dog beds from the simple dog pillows, nesting dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, luxury dog beds, outdoor dog beds and waterproof dog beds. Each of these beds offer a different kind of comfort for pet dogs so you only have to decide based on your budget, how it matches your home decor, the durability of the bed and the specific purpose for which it is needed and that's not just for sleeping.

One of the most preferred beds by dog owners are designer dog beds. These specialty beds give your dog a chance to sleep in a bed that looks just like the bed of his human. These dog beds are actually replicas of human furniture but are specifically designed and built for dogs. A dog that prefers to curl while sleeping but is also fond of stretching will have a grand time in his own specialty luxury bed or sofa. You can even match the dog's bed with that of your home decor.

Will the bed fit your dog?

Once you have determined your dog's sleeping preferences you now have to measure your dog from the tip of the head to the tail. Always make some allowances when measuring your dog to ensure his comfort when using the bed.

Choose a dog bed that will fit your dog's breed size. There are small dogs like the Chihuahua which is the smallest in the category and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier which is by far larger and heavier. Your dog breed is also important in determining which type of dog bed you are going to get.

While this type of bed can be ordered to match your home decor make sure you do not lose sight of the real reason why you are buying a dog bed. You may commit the mistake of buying a dog bed which will fit your space and will look fabulous in your home but the main consideration really is the comfort that it will provide for your dog.

Getting a designer bed for your dog can be fabulous but if it fails to provide comfort for your dog because he is not comfortable with it or for any reason at all then you would just be wasting precious money. Avoid this by making sure your designer dog beds do not only look great but it also fits your dog's needs.

Mammoth Dog Beds manufacture designer dog beds for larger breeds that come highly recommended. Made like furniture, the pillow supports up to 250lbs and lasts a lifetime. When shopping for a dog bed, make sure you Google them.

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